Student Voice

School Leaders

School captains: Katlyn Lavarda and Rory Standfield

Vice Captains: Will Sands-Morris and Kashen James

school leaders 17School leaders

Environmental Leaders

Misha Gange, Amala Liepa, Eva Bassed, Nina Chang, Pearl Quinn and Kayley Williams


Students from years one to six have the opportunity to become active members of our Junior School Council. Throughout the year they organise fundraisers, casual dress days and lunchtime activities for their peers.


Our Coastal Ambassadors will undertake leadership training and direct action in relation to environmental issues.

Their first training day will be in March at the Phillip Island Nature Park. After this they will design and do a project involving monitoring the water quality of out local creek. In August they get to report back and to do further training. In September they will present their project to other students from across the state using the “kids teaching kids” model.